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Search for more words in the Arabic-English dictionary. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. Similar translations Similar translations for "a blessing in disguise" in Polish. Polish nie-. Polish przebranie. Context sentences Context sentences for "a blessing in disguise" in Polish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.


Rely on Him, He knows what is best for you. Pray to God to give you strength to face them calmly. He will protect you and guide you. Difficulties come in our path to test our strength. As such, we should welcome them.

Why A Blessing In Disguise Is Only A Blessing If You Realize It

And with faith and trust in the Lord and His holy Name, we should tide over them. Remember: even this will pass away. The world is the play of God. Be a witness in this play. God is kind and merciful. Therefore, despair not. Be calm and serene. It is worry that weakens the mind and body. You cannot remove worries by worrying.

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He tells you about an amazing job opportunity that he knows about. It is exactly what you want! That is a blessing in disguise. This might seem like the end of the world. How on earth could this be a blessing in disguise? Two months later you end up meeting an even more perfect girl. You would have never known this person if you were still with your ex. I know when I have been desperate for money I have applied to really crappy jobs because I needed something.

The Universe always works itself out. I am more than qualified.

For example

Thankfully with the new jobs I made way more money, met some amazing people and had some great experiences. To be honest I probably would have quit not long after getting the jobs if they hired me.

It has happened before. His car was broken into and someone stole the radio that was in his car. So now he had no radio!

What Does a Blessing in Disguise Mean?

Someone might see this as a problem. He put in the insurance claim and ended up getting more money back for the radio than it was worth. It ended up being exactly the amount he needed for his new radio, down to the last penny! This is the perfect example of how he reacted to the problem in a positive way and ended up getting exactly what he wanted. It was the Universes way of giving him what he wanted but in a way that was completed unexpected and disguised as a problem.

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Blessings in disguise are real! You may never know.

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  3. Brothers of a Band;

It is about trusting that the Universe has your back and that the spiritual beings in your life are helping you out.