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Producer Bill and Delaney are joined by Johnjay who reminds Delaney of all the feet work that she still has to do, Bill explains why he got the show into some trouble last week, and Joey Bradfisch really wants to spend the night on the roof of the radio station.

Glass Bottom Boat + Behind the Scenes Tour

Producer Bill and Delaney recap a Friday show where they got the show into a little or a lot, not sure yet of trouble. And Delaney's boarding a private plane to L. A this weekend. And, they try out a new segment called "iHeart Juice"! We made it! Producer Bill and Delaney catch their breath after a busy week and try to build some enthusiasm for a long holiday weekend. Some highlights: Delaney is going to be on the Jumbotron, and Bill will have the bed all to himself.

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Producer Bill and Delaney recap some of their weekend in Chicago and Portland, and Delaney informs Bill that she can totally tell when he's in a horrible mood. Producer Bill and Delaney are joined by Suzette to preview their upcoming trip to Chicago and Portland. Bill is afraid of being a third wheel, but it may not matter if Suzette gets to let loose. Producer Bill and Delaney record their podcast while simultaneously going live on Delaney's instagram to mine for questions, they discuss Delaney's upcoming surgical procedure, and Bill talks about why he doesn't like drinking on airplanes.

Producer Bill and Delaney hash out the controversy surrounding Delaney and why she's getting hate messages, Producer Bill talks about having dinner with Conan O'Brien sort of , and they discuss all the technical issues and drama from the week in San Diego. Also, Delaney has a dilemma that involves a guy getting mad at her on Snapchat. We pitch a new sports podcast, and we let you know what songs make us absolutely nuts!

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We're talking company email problems and what Bill is up to today! PLUS, what would a podcast composed of four 8-year-olds sound like? Producer Bill and Delaney discuss some of the latest exciting podcasts in the Johnjay and Rich network of podcasts, plus reminisce about past Memorial Day weekends and talk about what they have going on. Basically, Tanya is dope and if you love the stuff that happens behind-the-scenes, you should love this interview!

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We hope you're having fun on your glorious vacation, Producer Bill!!!! Immerse yourself in a world of fashion, luxury, innovation and the rollercoaster life of a top-end designer. The spirit of Chippendale lives on! Obelisk Marbling, the contemporary piece of art imagined by artist Giles Round in is returning for a second year to Nostell. On weekends visitors will be able to see the paper marbling company at work and learn more about this endangered heritage craft.

Fancy something a little different for your Friday night? Explore after hours at Nostell with the help of artists, musicians and makers.

  • Cobra behind the glass - Picture of Samui Snake Farm, Ko Samui.
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  • NHL Network Tonight Debuts Flyers' Version Of "Behind The Glass".
  • NHL Network Tonight Debuts Flyers' Version Of "Behind The Glass".
  • Behind The Glass.
  • A window into the 18th century.
  • The next event is on Friday 27 September. Even when the house is closed you can explore the story of Thomas Chippendale at Nostell. In this episode of National Trust podcasts, we explore how Thomas Chippendale, a local man known as the 'Shakespeare of Furniture' today, played a pivotal role in the ambitions of the Winn family at Nostell to elevate their status through architecture and interior design. Nostell has one of the best surviving Chippendale collections in the country.

    For the first time ever his objects and interiors are displayed in an online exhibition for everyone, everywhere. Thomas Chippendale is celebrated as the 'Shakespeare of furniture', one of the most influential furniture-makers and designers in English history.

    Lessons From Behind The Glass Book

    Discover his story, from humble beginnings to creating opulent interior worlds at Nostell in West Yorkshire. Discover the top Chippendale treasures not to be missed on your visit to Nostell, from hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper to a gentleman's writing desk with a surprising interior.

    Visit this exhibition to discover how a humble cabinet-maker from Otley created a world-famous brand that has lasted nearly years. Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. A window into the 18th century Chippendale's legacy at Nostell is a window into the world of fashion, innovation and social ambition during the s and s.

    Behind the glass. The State Apartment at Nostell.

    Was Hamilton To Blame For Vettel Penalty? feat. Oli Webb [S2, E5]

    Chippendale's pier glass at Nostell.