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With my life in danger, I found myself venturing further into the world of money, sex and lies.

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Sophie would never have guessed what the professor had in mind to teach her a good lesson for failing dismally at her work. Read on to find out exactly what happens to the naughty student. Teacher and the FemDom Joe Handley the newly qualified teacher at a top English School has been blackmailing his Deputy Head Mistress for sex, but at home he finds his girlfriend, Georgie, is the one who is most definitely in charge.

In the meantime Joe needs to know what it is like to be dominated and she is just the person to show him. A dark, gothic space by day and a ruckus BDSM club by night.

Crimson Drake opens the doors for Jake to use the space, and brings him into a world of unimaginable sights, sounds, and pleasures. Whether reluctant or glad, excited or terrified, they deal with their circumstances in the same way: Lust! Adam is getting married in the morning. But this is not how he expected his bachelor party to turn out…. Upon discovering that he has become a beautiful, buxom woman at his own stag party, Adam is filled by an insatiable lust that only his male friends can help to satisfy…. Pete is a little worried about going on winter vacation with his jock friend, Brandon.

His Wee Plaything Lusty and beautiful year-old Lady Isobel MacAllister lives in an enormous castle in the Scottish Highlands, and she longs for the touch of another…. One day, she feels her skin tingle all over, as though she is being watched. And it happens to be a feeling she rather enjoys… But when she discovers who is watching her, she is excited beyond her wildest dreams: it is Tom, the hot, red-blooded stable boy, who has a very dark secret.

This young submissive is about to learn that there are no boundaries for a proper sex servant. And she soon discovers how much she loves it this way. Why did she permit the wanton use of her body by her two business partners? Raising capital has never been this sexually explosive before! Then, I sat on the edge of my desk and crossed my legs. He probably got a brief glimpse at my frilly little panties, and I knew I was making headway with him. Even at forty-two, my body was appealing.

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Four mornings per week with an evil and demanding personal trainer had kept me slender and hard, and even today I had an ass that rivaled most women half my age. He had a catch, though.

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Can you handle that? Handcuffed and Gangbanged By accident, I discovered how much restraint turned me on. I was briefly arrested until the police realized it was a case of mistaken identity. I tried just being slutty and having sex all the time.

Finally, I emailed Shane. I got naked, cuffed my hands behind my back, and knelt in my bedroom to wait. There I was handcuffed and naked, and it turned into a gangbang! I had my first anal sex and even double penetration! He got in on Christmas morning and I watched him play with it for the first time.

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When he clicked the button on the remote, there was a buzzing sound that grew to a loud whoosh as the lights on the hovercraft toy went from out to dim to bright as hell. Once everything was lit up and loud, it buzzed loudly and even shook slightly. When he would make it move, it was like all of the energy burst out of it when it rose from the ground. I felt exactly like that spaceship right then. I was abuzz with energy and desperate for release. I managed to keep myself upright, though.

I had a stupid look on my face, though. I heard steps in the doorway and then a really sharp intake of breath. A moment later, I felt hands in my hair, my head was lifted up, and there was a cock in my throat.


Here is a preview: The whole place was completely silent, and I stood outside of the door trying to figure out exactly what to say. I felt so deliciously slutty and dirty—no!

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I felt aggressive. I pushed open the door and stepped inside. Seriously, this was the single craziest thing I had ever considered. It was reckless and stupid and utterly impossible. On the other hand, it was hard for me to imagine another year or even years of watching all the men I liked fall for someone else because I never had the guts to do something.

Corporal Punishment: Lesbian BDSM Erotica Audiobook by Conner Hayden

He was there on the bed and I was naked under my robe. I undid the belt and let the terrycloth fall to the floor. Then, with the cool air coursing over my body, I made my way to the bed. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read. In most stories or novels that you read, you get to read about how the characters feel. And, you get to feel really, really good.

You might describe it as ecstatic or even orgasmic bliss.

It felt like a vibrator but I felt these vibrations in every cell of my body. Every time you said something in your deep voice I felt those vibrations and it felt amazing. The tell-me-game was awesome. I could really hear your voice when suggested as if i was listening to an audio. It gave me a pretty good orgasm that was in waves just like the videos.

Even as i write, I want to go back and read it again. It felt like an out-of-body experience. Thank you! I love how you make me feel. I physically had one too, because my panties and shorts are soaked! Is it bad to listen to that video multiple times a day? These stories were selected from previously published Tight Knots volumes.

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Tight Knots Romance Series. Ava Gresham has been a nude model for the last two years. She lets her body be the inspiration for countless pieces of art. Her obsession with him grows until one day the silence is broken. She is flattered and excited to be sought out as a model for his next project. A project that literally comes with strings or rope attached.