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I currently live in Kansas, but look forward to the day, very soon perhaps, when I can wake up to mountains out my window.

Can't wait to see you all again! Rider Cartegena to Santiago. This trip through Seoul and Japan sounds fantastic and we're really looking forward to it. Rider La Paz to Santiago. Rider La Paz to Ushuaia. In the past I have done a few tours with TDA. It was always a great and enjoyable experience.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in Srinagar. Looking forward to this part of the world and reuniting with some old friends from previous tours. Expecting something similar with the Bamboo tour. Rider Cartegena to Quito. I am a slightly rusty veteran of three TDA full tours and of life in general I suppose. Ronda and I will tear ourselves away from three toddler grandchildren and our Gastown condo for a month on a fine new road with a few old friends and more friends to be.

Hi, I am Ronda, one half of Mr. I have been a potter for forty years.

Tour de France 2019: The men who direct – EF Gone Racing

Traveling to different countries gives me an intimate connection with the local culture. Pre-Columbian pottery of South America is amazing, detailing the life style and skill of the indigenous people before the Spanish invasion. Tim and I have traveled with TDA on four of the original excursion. I liken the experience to being a kid at camp: all of the adventure and fun with little of the work or management. Perfect, if we could just find someone to pitch the tents. Rider Lima to Cusco. I'm 55 and I feel lucky to ride the Silk Route.

Ok, it is just one stage but I'm looking forward very much. My name is Bob Briggs, 71 year old State of Florida retiree. Since my retirement in Have not done a tour in over a year. I've also done numerous less formal long distance tours prior to hooking up with TDA. Went to college in Salzburg, Austria in but have never done any cycling in Europe. Really looking forward to it!!!! Theo de Klein from the Netherlands, 52 years young. Looking forward to this trip and to meet you all! I'm 65 years old and retired. I have done Africa-tour and South America epic.

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Rider Quito to Lima. Looking forward to meet you on the next tour with TDA. I am reasonably active enjoying outdoor activities, ocean swimming, windsurfing, snowboarding and of course riding.

I ride a hard tail mountain bike in preference to a standard road bike even when commuting, makes me work harder chasing guys on road bikes. Getting into single track riding, enjoy the physical and mental challenges. The longest bike trip I have done was in when we completed the 'Traverse of Costa Rica", which was the inspiration to take part in the Epic South America Trip.

How do you compare to a Tour de France cyclist's fitness levels?

I have worked as a Surveyor for about 40 years on land and sea, remote areas to urban centres. Have travelled, worked and lived in a number of different countries including Southern Africa, Guatemala, Venezuela, Qatar, Mauritania and of course Australia. What have I signed up for!!!

I must admit my main sporting passion is ocean swimming, it doesn't sound like there'll be much of that on offer! Not too sure how this long distance cycle touring will go, however, always looking for the next challenge, so will give it my best shot. At least it's heading south - that is downhill - isn't it? Chao Chicos, nos vamos en Julio. Rider Cusco to La Paz. I'm 27 and from the U. This will be my first Tour and am very excited! No idea what I am letting myself in for - but that's all part of the fun right?!

Looking forward to meeting everyone : Bring on South America! I'm on Facebook - so feel free to get in contact. I've got the same profile picture as i've uploaded to this profile page. Live in Toronto - love being on the bike. Looking forward to the ride. Rider Quito to Cusco. I'm a retired Forester and who enjoys getting outside and being active. I'm not a speedy cyclist but do try to finish the day. What better way to see a new country than from a cycle seat.

This will be my second tour with TDA. Rider Quito to Ushuaia.

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After 10 years of working I am looking forward to a well deserved Sabbatical and this amazing trip through Southamerica. Cant wait! This will be my 5th tda trip. So i must be addicted to tuna sandwiches and camping, especially bush camps. See you all in Cartagena. Please support the charity i will be raising funds for. Freelance engineer, musician and reality hacker from the Swedish west coast.

Author interview: Nancy Brook

Currently on an indefinite sabbatical to explore life, the universe and everything. I find expedition cycling a good way to practise living in the present, enjoy a "simple" life, fill up with new impressions and stretch the edge of my comfort zone. Rider Quito to Puerto Montt.

Hi everybody, I am from Denmark and 59 years old.

Geraint Thomas: ‘Ideally, Froome would ride for me but that’s not possible’

Until my India adventure in I did not know a lot about cycling - but after about 3. I live in St. Anton, Austria where I live out my passion for skiing. I also began my "cycling career" here - on mountain bike.

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  5. I am about to pick it up now and plan to do some training on it and my mountain bike here in St. Spent all summer in Denmark and did not bike did some sailing. I used to own a travel company specialized in ski holidays but since the last years I started to do some free lance writing as a journalist and also do some studying in that field.

    I look very much forward to meet old and new friends in Asia Hongkong to Penang - and hope that the chinese traffic is not going to be too tough.. Cheers, Annegrete.