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Our hydroplane signals no movements of guns or troops.

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Alfred Sutton pictured in the early s with his son Mordaunt at an army training camp where the English-born doctor had relocated as 'surgeon to the armed forces of the colony of Queensland'. Much shrapnel enemy's is bursting on the crest of the ridge. Have everything ready. Don't lose any time". We are now under fire as shrapnel bursts on us and around us. To the left we see village of Kuchuk Anafarta.

No-one hit. I have just handled it. The fighting is thick. She evidently gave the Majestic information, for the latter started banging away broadsides at the shore. We hope to God they'll find the Battery that is raking our ridge for its awful to see our men knocked over. Good luck! Senior Australian army officers of World War I with Lt Col Alfred Sutton pictured on right were featured in newspaper articles back in Australia as troops prepared for the 'adventure' of warfare overseas at Gallipoli and on the western front in France.

Lt Col Sutton record in his diary above on April 26 the scenes etched in his mind from the dramatic landing the day before at Anzac Cove where he saw men hit 'yet they went on' and a wounded soldier yell out 'are we downhearted? The din was terrific and they tore the side to pieces, then the Majestic joined in and the din was hellish.

At the same time two 18 pounders landed by the 7th Battery were barking, rifle fire was fizzling and as we got out of range we were ordered back to Imbros. Our landing is successful and though we hold a circumscribed area which looks small, we won't let go. Today we will make good whatever the price. Just fancy the devils, dying by the hundreds, dying with a joke on their lips. Following the landing, Australian soldiers established positions in the hills above Anzac Cove pictured where they dug narrow trenches into the hard earth and scrabbled out an existence as they fought the Turks for eight months before the Allies admitted defeat and the men were evacuated.

Sutton's diary of April 21 pictured, left , four days before the Anzac landing, reveals that the details of the planned assault upon the Turks was kept a secret in the lead-up to the landing at Gallipoli, where wounded troops can be seen above right weeks later in Monash Valley above Anzac Cove. Major Butler and Captain Ingram were up to their elbows in operations Monday May 3: 'Another lovely day. Heavy rifle fire all night - our fellows are advancing in the centre and improve our line. Very busy with sick and wounded.. Captain Butler told me of the 9th's frightfull losses Digging, digging, always digging, the shrapnel swept hill is no place for ambulance, but it is the only space available and so we dig, dig, dig.

In the next weeks, Sutton allowed Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick to be essentially AWOL from his unit while the young soldier rescued wounded from slopes of Shrapnel Valley on a donkey, which Simpson's commanding officer annointed with his own red cross armband. When Simpson was shot on May 19, , Sutton wrote in his diary that the year-old deserved a Victoria Cross VC , Britain's highest military honour. Monash wrote: 'I desire to bring under special notice, for favour of transmission to the proper authority, the case of Private Simpson Colonel Alfred Sutton's evacuation from Gallipoli was followed by two years serving in France.

He survived the war, but died in aged in his sixties. His wife Nettie donated his diary to the Australian War Memorial where it has remained, largely unread. Suttton's more remarkable stories include his account of evacuating wounded from Bullecourt, whose endless procession of casualties meant medical officers worked up to to their elbows in blood for practically 48 hours without rest. He described the experience of dealing with his 'poor fellows' as like 'a conveyor belt in a Chicago meat works'.

Alfred Sutton recorded this war song in his diary above after the Anzac Cove landing which he wrote was a day of bravery and sadness, particularly for the widows of the men who were yet to learn the fate of their husbands in Gallipoli. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Once you set foot upon the Gallipoli Peninsula , you must fight the thing through to the finish.

Medicine in Colonial North America | Colonial North America at Harvard Library

It is not a fair thing to send us absolutely unarmed against a fanatical enemy who we are told will not observe the Geneva convention at all. Share or comment on this article: Anzac landing horrors revealed in diary of man who commanded John Simpson e-mail Comments 1 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.


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Could this Cambridge company provide the answer?

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Attack on Titan. Creators: Yasuko Kobayashi, Tetsur? Titans have one instinct: eat people. And boy, do they. The Originals. Thankfully, The Originals falls firmly into the former camp and is actually a case in which the child has exceeded the achievements of the parent. As fun and compelling as the characters and stories on The Vampire Diaries are, that show took a little too long to really get going and was in a more limiting setting, especially in the first few seasons.

The sequel, however, launched with fully-formed characters with a mythology established by the parent show , unfettered by geometry class or the constraints of a small town. Klaus Mikaelson Joseph Morgan is easily one of the most complex anti-heroes on TV and creator Julie Plec is unafraid to poke around in the heads of any character, even killing a few. Plec has expanded on the world she helped create in The Vampire Diaries , giving her characters more room to grow emotionally and significantly more intricate challenges to face. The politics of The Originals is just as fascinating as the supernatural elements and the show feels more fully-formed than The Vampire Diaries did early on.

This one-season wonder is like diving into the candy bin on October 1st. When spooky spirits are at their peak, goth chic baker Christine McConnell and her gaggle of Henson-designed muppets help unleash the inner Hot Topic in all of us with her monstrous meals. Well, meals if you, like me, only eat edible arrangements that look like they fell out of a Hammer horror film. The scripted comic bits linking these baking feats are just as endearingly offbeat as Elvira and Svengoolie hosting their own Food Network show, with murders and dinner dates supplementing the caramel arachnids.

Wynonna Earp. Earpers rejoice! Vampires, demons, and the scariest thing of all, childbirth! Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Veronica Mars is the best way to describe this delightful drama. Liv Moore Rose McIver was a promising medical student until one bad night of partying turned her into a zombie. Consider as well that none of them stuck around for very long or made much of an impression.

But Supernatural? Supernatural endured. Bates Motel.

When telling the origins of a horror icon, a fine line must be walked. For one, you run the risk of losing the mystery that made the original characters so terrifying to begin with.

Bates Motel , however, has created a backstory for Norman Bates Freddie Highmore that makes the psycho of Psycho sympathetic. Still, Norman is always just a second away from behaving horrifically. By expanding on the Norman Bates story, Bates Motel has taken an iconic character and enriched him with a haunted history that makes him even more fascinating as we watch his descent into madness. Death Note. Creators: Tetsur? Thankfully much better than that feature film is the original series, which explores the terrible toxic power that Light Yagami claims as he enacts his own morality upon the world.

Penny Dreadful. Well, challenge accepted and conquered. Conceived by John Logan the award-winning screenwriter behind Gladiator , Hugo , Skyfall and Rango and executed with great finesse by pilot director J. Bayona the filmmaker behind the extraordinary horror-drama The Orphanage , the series is set in Victorian London and centers on a trio an explorer, a clairvoyant and a gunslinger who band together to slay monsters threatening their world.

Boasting notable performances from the likes of Timothy Dalton, Josh Harnett and Rory Kinnear, the series managed to ground its outlandish premise in an emotional reality.