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William M. McClenahan, Jr.

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They explore the macro- and microeconomic policies his administration employed to finance the Cold War while adapting Republican ideas and Eisenhower's economic principles to new domestic and foreign policy environments. They also detail how Eisenhower worked with new instruments of government policy making, such as the Council of Economic Advisers and a strengthened Federal Reserve Board.

While some of the decisions Eisenhower made did not follow conservative doctrine as closely as many in the Republican Party wanted, this book asserts that his approach to and distrust of partisan politics led to success on many fronts and indeed maintained and buttressed the nation's domestic and international economic health.

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An important and original contribution, this examination of the Eisenhower administration's economic policy enriches our understanding of the history of the modern American economy, the presidency, and conservatism in the United States. Subscribe Now.

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Eisenhower and the Cold War Economy. As they landed at the edge of the farm field in front of his home, he hoped this private meeting with Khrushchev would move the world toward peace.

Dwight Eisenhower: Cold Warrior

State Department Memorandum 3. Khrushchev Visits Eisenhower's Farm 4.

Eisenhower and Khrushchev 2. Eisenhower NHS 3.

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International Diplomacy 3. Teaching with Museum Collections: Eisenhower's Presidency. Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower. Eisenhower National Historic Site.