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Best wishes, The onestopenglish team Unsuitable or offensive? Report this comment sinkeboy Tue, 14 Jan pm First sentence: "This warmer gives students suggestions for how to interrupt someone who is speaking politely.

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Be a little dramatic on that, if you like to. They will not be able to deliver these two stories with the highest business value in round 2.

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In Round 3 they will be allowed if they ask for it to split up these stories in two stories of four cards each. Also they will be allowed to split up the other stories 2 cards per story, i. How long does this game typically take to run? Trying to budget for it in a training module…. Please clarify what happens in game 1, when all four face types are in progress, and there is no blocking involved from rolling the die.

I extracted concepts from it and created a game where you need 3 decks of cards. Another deck has teh amount of work accomplished and some blockers that can appear.

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It shows how all of these concepts are important considerations in iterative development. I plan to take it with me to Agile Games New England this year incidentally another earlier game of mine got accepted to present, so excited to be going! FLIPS has a ton of dimensions to it… The reason I mention it here is it has some similarities to this game, but is much more involved. I also did a lot of math to investigate how it could work best for those teaching moments.

Todd — The reason I decided to explicitly limit work in progress was to increase the cost of the interruption and force the team to think about removing blockers.

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On the other hand, that would ultimately result in a lot of work that never got done, which would be a lesson in itself. Another possibility is not to limit the WIP stack, but play the game cumulatively… that is, do one iteration with no blocking rolls, one with one, one with two, but keep blocked cards blocked between I-2 and I Paul — Interesting variation! I like it! I took a stab at updating it. My are possible corrections but I was not sure. Debrief: The concept is when a 6 comes up, it represents that the work is progress is a re-prioritization has come up in mid sprint that has made the current WIP less important and other items in the backlog more important.

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  4. I tried this game with a group of scrum masters in India this week, with some variations. The rules we followed were:. Iterations: Each iteration is three minutes long. Blocking rolls: We play the game three times. In game one, no value blocks a card.

    In game two, a six is a blocking value, in game three, a roll of either 3 or 6 blocks.