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You are not on this earth to fix others. Let her know that u are there for her and try to understand why she wants to run.

I personally am thinking alot about running away and my boyfriend is trying to understand why. It is really hard to explain why because in our minds, it is worse than it really is. I believe the key to running is interesting. I was 6 years old I was in a abusive home. My mom called the police and my dad had to move out. In my mind I closedown that day when I asked my dad if I could go too.

He said no it was normal for me to see and be abused. So as I became a teenager I was always looking for this love and feeling of safety. I got pregnant at the age of 15 I wanted someone to love me so bad and then got married I thought it was a real love. I started cheating on him I was pushed in to the marriage because that was the right thing to do.

I never knew love until a year ago I met this guy he gave me a hug and I never showed tears I thought I was a sign of weakness. I started to bawl like a baby I tried to turn them off but he started to cry with me. I loved everyone the same way. My relationship were not me in control I watched other relationships and asked people what they thought.

I had pushed my love of my life out and ran. By me not telling him that I was so confused I tried hiding it. I think he believed I was hiding something. Before I let him go all the way I told him this. He had already moved back with his ex girlfriend. So the walls only come down when you want them to. I am a girl, 24 years been with a guy, 28 years for the last 6 months.

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I did this. I had a relationship with a lovely, intelligent women with whom I was amazingly compatible. As the relationship continued to get better and better, I developed more and more reasons why this would not, should not work. I would tell friends all the things I did not like about her.

6 Tips on How to Have a Strong Relationship

At the same time I am making these statements, I have an odd sense of dis engagement as another part of my subconscious my heart is saying. I would not listen to that part of my subconscious. I would let a month go by staying distant and aloof and then call to invite her over for dinner. As always, strangely fascinated but unconsciously fearful.

The relationship became intimate. That is when I knew I needed to get her to stop liking me, otherwise my life was going to change, and I could not handle that. Keep in mind, none of this is apparent to me. I am totally clue less. The day comes when she initiates the discussion about the future and I panic!

I make some ridiculous statement about needing to leave to work on my taxes. What a fool! And looking back, how embarrassing. Leading up to this time I am numbing out with alcohol and busy with my hobbies. Eight months go by I we have had no contact. I am having dinner with a friend and we are discussing relationships and suddenly, what I had done, and what my true feelings for this person are, comes down on me like a tidal wave!

Running Away From a Relationship You Want - Neil Rosenthal

I run home. Send the stupidest email I have ever written to try and explain my actions. And, as the intelligent woman that she is, she has moved on… and I am heart broken. Living with the regret, shame and loss has been all consuming.

Happy relationships - 228 secrets about how to make a good relationship fantastic

I did learn a lesson, but the cost was high. Hey man, I am a similar character, I run away when things get serious. I managed to get a woman back and now I want to run away again. I have recently experienced something similar. We were dating for over a year and suddenly he ran. Before that, things were great.

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We connected on every level. Our lives were aligned. And then, his insecurities surfaced. He made excuses about our relationship that contradicted his actions. It basically made no sense.

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  8. We broke up, and I am left in the dark. Any insights? I also did exactly the same. I ran 20 times in that time. We had everything , love. A great understanding and it was exciting I loved her dearly and she did me. As soon as she wanted more of a commitment I would run after giving silly exscuses. She told she would snap one day and she would never come back and I would loose this amazing thing we had.

    She was right. I did the same!

    Running Away From a Relationship You Want

    Pain is terrible. Hope I learn. Have learned a lot from your blogs. I have been in a on again off again relationship with this beautiful lady since Christmas Eve She and I are close when we are together and her kids absolutely adore me.

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    5. Now when she and I get to close she finds the very next thing I do wrong and uses it as an excuse to run away. We will end all communication for a couple weeks then we will be back together again.