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After the altar, it's time to go to the secret place, because it is there we will hear His whisper.

Have you ever heard God whisper? When you do, it will change your compass and put wind in your sails! God's whisper is deep calling unto deep Ps. So how do you get to that secret place? How do you find those intimate moments with the Father? How do we hear from a very personal God who desires to speak with us and lead us and longs to minister life to us?

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Here is a key we have found: the way we position ourselves impacts the volume of God's voice. The surroundings we choose to be in either position us closer to God or farther away.

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When God calls us deeper in Him, we must put away all distractions and allow our faith level to rise. As Hebrews says, "Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to God must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Friends, there are times when God will whisper and other times when He will shout, and even times when He will literally bump into you. He has His reasons for everything.

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Perhaps God is quiet because, as our dear friend Glen Berteau once said, "The teacher never talks when he gives a test! In those times, we have learned to live by faith and not by sight, and that it is in the quiet of the night or in the cave of isolation that God whispers His secrets.

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  • The amazing accounts from the life of the prophet Elijah tell us that a believer needs more than radical confrontation and God-pyrotechnics. We have found that it is in the blandness of our daily walk that we become firebrands of the kingdom. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. The God of the worship service can be even bigger in the intimacy of the secret place. We praise God for the churches that believe in creating an atmosphere for a God encounter through dynamic worship, but we also hope that they teach the pursuer that seeking God is bigger than a church setting or a song set.

    We must be careful not to become a Saul generation that loves worship more than the Word simply because it soothes our demons. God expects us to be different and to "worship Him in spirit and in truth" John b. He is a God whose mercies are new every morning Lam. Have you ever wondered why you see people radically touched at the altar by Jesus, but after a short amount of time they seem to go backward in their walk with God? Perhaps it is because they never learned to love God past the goosebumps and praise-a-thons. The altar must be strapped to us, not left behind between weekly Sunday morning church excursions.

    How are we to be crucified daily if the altar is locked behind the pristine doors of a sanctuary, being touched more often by the vacuum cleaner in the hands of the church janitor than by the people of God. Our altar must be a place where the flame never goes out, where the imprint of our life decreases and the fragrance of God increases.

    We must not get so good at going to the altar and forget to take it with us.

    We must be willing to embrace times of isolation. Oftentimes isolation is a sign that God is being selfish with you. Our quietest seasons can be the most intimate, when God is doing His greatest work in us. Ephesians says, "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, so that we should walk in them. Yet we experience times when God is quiet, just as the great men and women in the Bible did. Take time for the secret place, draw close to Him and listen for His whisper. More than ever we all need to embrace the altar, totally surrender to God and encounter Him.

    When we do we will never be the same, and neither will our homes, churches and nation. This week, seek God in isolation the secret place so that you can be open to hear His voice when He whispers. She added, almost in a whisper , That's why I suggested Claire give the smaller denominations to Mr. He's made my face all bloody, said he in a frightened whisper when the sergeant major had passed on.

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    Before Dean could tell her about Ryland, she turned to her husband, "Are you going to let Fred go skiing with that man? While this was being given, Prince Andrew heard the whisper of a woman's voice and the rustle of a silk dress behind the door. Almost every time a new carriage drove up a whisper ran through the crowd and caps were doffed.

    After this Prince Andrew was conducted to the door and the officer on duty said in a whisper , "To the right, at the window. Anna Mikhaylovna looked attentively at the sick man's eyes, trying to guess what he wanted; she pointed first to Pierre, then to some drink, then named Prince Vasili in an inquiring whisper , then pointed to the quilt. The whisper seems to creep round the gallery horizontally, not necessarily along the shorter arc, but rather along that arc towards which the whisper er faces.

    Natasha asked quickly in a whisper , afraid to move lest she should rouse the dozing baby. An old powdered manservant who was sitting in the antechamber rose quietly and said in a whisper : "Please walk in. This is a consequence of the very unequal audibility of a whisper in front and behind the speaker, a phenomenon which may easily be observed in the open air" Sound, ii.

    The sergeant ran up to the officer and in a frightened whisper informed him as a butler at dinner informs his master that there is no more of some wine asked for that there were no more charges. Though people were afraid of Marya Dmitrievna she was regarded in Petersburg as a buffoon, and so of what she had said they only noticed, and repeated in a whisper , the one coarse word she had used, supposing the whole sting of her remark to lie in that word. She bent her head and continued in a whisper : Has he performed his final duty, Prince?

    Evelyn leaned to whisper to Romas, whose response was a tad too long for Kiera's impatient bladder. There were other guests and the countess talked little to him, and only as he kissed her hand on taking leave said unexpectedly and in a whisper , with a strangely unsmiling face: Come to dinner tomorrow His face probably looked very terrible, for the officer said something in a whisper and four more uhlans left the ranks and placed themselves on both sides of Pierre.

    He wanted to hear her whisper his name after they made love and flutter soft kisses with her full lips across his face, the way she had the other night. The mistress rocked and hushed her baby and when anyone came into the cellar asked in a pathetic whisper what had become of her husband who had remained in the street. If anyone gave or asked for personal news, it was done in a whisper and they immediately reverted to general matters. Prince Hippolyte approached the little princess and, bending his face close to her, began to whisper something.

    Alex sat up and leaned over her, speaking softy in a voice that was little more than a whisper. She twisted her now-empty left hand ring finger and spoke, in barely a whisper. She danced around him, running her hands over him, at times tickling his ear with a sexy whisper.

    His voice was little more than a husky whisper as he pulled her close and sought her lips. The vicious whisper was accompanied by a thick hand clamping around the back of her neck. Her voice was barely a whisper as she boldly slipped her arms around his neck and guided his lips to hers again. A bald head with an elongated whisper of hair encircling that wondrous globe which is the swimmer's bonce.

    All the men dress in black and whisper in flat monotones and all the ' baddies ' speak in dodgy central European accents. And then the com sparked into life once more, again the volume muted, the female voice speaking barely more than a whisper. Tho it be spoken at times in a mere whisper it has omnipotence behind it. When the renowned old tenor appeared, I got a nudge and an excited whisper : " Now you see him!

    A quiet, hushed whisper upon which the weight of the blood of kings weighs. Every single wrong note and careless whisper has long since evaporated and what we're left with is a concentrated glass of amber perfection. Somewhere someone cocked a pistol, and there was the loud whisper of a sword being drawn from a scabbard. Fear must release me to my God Anger must leave me, As a gentle whisper in the wind Death must lose its sting.

    The soft whisper of a voice this is a sign of God's presence in the world. In some domes, for instance in a dome at the university of Birmingham, a sound from one end of a diameter is heard very much more loudly quite close to the other end of the diameter than elsewhere, but in St Paul's Lord Rayleigh found that " the abnormal loudness with which a whisper is heard is not confined to the position diametrically opposite to that occupied by the whisper er, and therefore, it would appear, does not depend materially upon the symmetry of the dome. But before Prince Vasili had finished his playful speech, Pierre, without looking at him, and with a kind of fury that made him like his father, muttered in a whisper :.

    She drew her brother's attention to the maid who was calling him in a whisper. As Natasha, at her mother's side, passed through the crowd behind a liveried footman who cleared the way for them, she heard a young man speaking about her in too loud a whisper. Understanding at once to whom she alluded, Prince Vasili said in a whisper :.

    The acoustics in the dome are incredible: each little whisper resounds strongly. The gold and bronze of the wild moor, gray blond of the granite and the sibilant whisper of the wind through the ferns. Songs like Daylight, The Whisper and The Scientist splurged out over two weeks, and we recorded them very quickly.

    To the strumming of guitars, In a hundred grubby bars I would whisper Te amo. Women swoon at my feet, men whisper my name in awe, and children cheer when they see me. A tender whisper here, a despairing wail of anguish there, it 's a real floor-filler as everyone around her swoons in admiration. When the renowned old tenor appeared, I got a nudge and an excited whisper : Now you see him! If you are heard to whisper such treasonous thoughts to anyone else you will be executed for treason. Every single wrong note and careless whisper has long since evaporated and what we 're left with is a concentrated glass of amber perfection.

    The soft whisper of a voice this is a sign of God 's presence in the world. As fans of Pottery Barn might expect, the paint colors in the Pottery Barn collection whisper rather than scream.

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    Communication is limited to say, party or whisper - no public chatting or voice chat. Many dogs have had the procedure, and then the only sound they make is a horse whisper. Chordie - Chordie is another excellent site that features tabs for songs like Blister, Because of Me, Immortality and even Seether's cover of the Wham! The motor design of their fans is advertised as whisper quiet, and their designs for both indoor and outdoor fans are trend setting and very bold.