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Cops and coups

The tenant in the barsati on top and a few girls staying on the ground floor had all gone home. I worked late that particular day, and was dropped off by an office van somewhere around 10 p. It was the night of Lohri, and some people in Indra Vihar had lit bonfires before their homes with pieces of wood.

As the van turned into our lane, I saw a crowd gathered below our building. What had happened? It was only after I had made my way up that I learned the story: our landlady had been throttled to death with a length of wire, and it seemed to have happened around noon that day.

Two of my roommates had been home that day, and they had decided to clean up the flat. They had music playing loud, and it was only when, a few hours later, they went out to the balcony for a smoke and saw a crowd below that they realised something was wrong. Strangely, our landlord, who usually came home for lunch, had not run up and told my roommates when he found the body — lying on the floor in the second room. Instead, he walked back to his bank to tell his colleagues.

A few items were said to be missing, along with some cash, but nothing more than that. When I reached home, my roommates were sitting in the inner room, shocked by the turn of events. I think we spent most of the next few days cooped up in that room, a feeling of fear upon us.

A murder in noir Delhi

A couple of hefty Delhi policemen came to talk to us: it appeared their interest was in our cook N. A couple of constables came and took me on a scooter — with people in the colony watching — to the thana at Kingsway Camp, where a convivial SHO had a chat with me. Finally, with nothing definite turning up, he invited me to come and have a beer with him someday, presumably to try and dig some more. I must mention here that never did we feel intimidated or harassed by the police; just the unease of being viewed as potential suspects by the colony people, which was only natural I guess. We never saw our cook again, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — as a migrant labourer he would have known the moment he heard what the Delhi police could do to him.

Our landlord subsequently sold the building and moved to Bhai Parmanand Nagar, not too far away.

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We kept our flat, before finally shifting south to Amar Colony, sometime in I think. A day or two before we shifted, my roommate suggested we go and say goodbye to Uncle. The details of that short meeting escape me now, except for one thing that happened towards the end, which I can never forget. They still give me a chill, those words.

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Were we being given a warning, not to come poking around any more? My roommates and I discussed how his wife had been sick and in hospital for many months before the incident. In December , the simmering tensions between family members threatened to break out into open warfare. As always, it was about money, power and control.

Margaret and her sister Dianna Yeldham controlled a trust that owned a Gold Coast unit bequeathed to them by their father. But the real owners were their children. They initially resisted and the dispute went on for two months.

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  • Margaret either believed that after all she had done for him she could rely on his loyalty — or thought he was too stupid to understand the legal technicali-ties. His brothers and sisters had become financially independent years earlier but Matthew still needed her help.

    Crete 'struggling with shame' after rape and murder of US scientist

    He signed, but believed it was the final proof that he would always be treated as the runt of the litter. Matthew had already decided to poison his mother. He invited Margaret and Paul for dinner that week but the arrangement had to be cancelled when his baby son became ill. But time was on his side.

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    The dinner date was rescheduled for Thursday, April 4. Margaret was always punctual. The invitation was for between 6. She rang and said they would arrive at 6. Margaret drove her silver Mercedes sedan into the driveway of the rented, double-storey town house in Glen Iris.

    The house is enclosed by a large concrete-rendered fence. No one can see in from busy Burke Road, so no one would have observed Matthew hiding a piece of pine timber in the garden hedge before the arrival of his guests. In early , Paul King suffered a stroke. At one stage he was so ill that Margaret began making funeral arrangements.

    Guide Murder On Society Road

    He survived with diminished speech capacity, but after a series of setbacks ultimately needed hour care. The chance for Margaret to visit family must have been a temporary relief for her. While Maritza played with Domenik, Matthew prepared the first course of home-made vegetable soup. He then served vegetable risotto with a Chilean red and an Australian white wine. Police would later establish that at 9. Drowsy and unsteady on their feet, they walked across the courtyard when Matthew picked up the piece of wood and hit his mother over the back of the neck "with great force".

    She fell face-first to the ground, breaking her nose in the fall.

    Delhi: CCTV footage captures brutal murder in busy market

    He then struck the frail and helpless Paul King across the left arm and then the forehead. He also fell face-first. Within days the couple were listed as missing, although police were already convinced they had been murdered. On April 9, five days after the murder, Matthew made a statement to police saying he had hosted a pleasant dinner party for his mother and stepfather, who had then headed home. He could shed no light on their disappearance. It was the final piece of evidence against her husband.

    This prevents them from going to places where they can access more LGBTQ services, and a community where they can fully express their identities. Louis Mitchell, an African American trans man, works as the executive director of Transfaith, a non-profit that supports transgender spiritual leadership.

    Following the high profile homicides of Booker and Lindsey in Dallas, Reverend Mitchell says there needs to be a bigger conversation about the role of the patriarchy- a system in which men, particularly cisgender men, control a disproportionate amount of power. He believes that contributes to the violence, domestic and otherwise, that seriously affects the lives of trans women of color.

    This is not so much an issue just in the Dallas area, but an international pandemic. An African-American trans woman, she says the community is past the point of being sad. Some of it happens to be an argument that blows up, and then suddenly a gun comes out. For Roberts, one of the main steps to ending the violence is having black leadership, which she believes is mostly silent when it comes to issues affecting the trans community, speak up in their defense. Roberts has also been on the frontline of trying to add gender identity to the list of protected classes in the James Byrd Jr.

    Hate Crimes Act. She says the exclusion of transgender people from legislation that protects people from hate crimes motivated by race, religion and disabilities makes it easier for trans women of color to be targeted.