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The report contains results of a online survey of over 12, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer LGBTQ youth across the US — one of the largest surveys of this population ever conducted. Some important points from that survey include that there are alarming rates of sexual assault among LGBTQ youth and that nearly half of LGBTQ youth experience bullying on school property.

Lawmakers should repeal HB, which restricts North Carolina cities from protecting transgender youth access to appropriate facilities. Lawmakers should also enact statewide protections from discrimination in education. Science Daily, July 19, In a major step to that end, an international team of researchers built a computer simulation that takes into account many of the fundamental factors that drive evolutionary adaptation and extinction.

Through computer simulation, the team was able to estimate the lifetime trajectory of species, starting with origination and ending at one of three points: when the species splits into daughter species, when the species ended in extinction, or the species persisted. National Geographic, Aug. The recent release by Brazilian officials of two videos of uncontacted indigenous people in the Amazon has been politically and ethically controversial, writes associate professor of journalism Scott Wallace.

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CBS 60 Minutes, July 15, Many of us think of seaweed as a nuisance. And yet, increasing numbers of fishermen, scientists, and foodies in the country are starting to look at seaweed very differently: as a promising source of food and jobs. Searching for a new career on the water, he sought advice from Charlie Yarish , professor of ecology and evolutionary biology whose lab studies some of the thousands of different types of seaweeds.

It was Yarish who suggested Smith consider sugar kelp, a local seaweed that gets planted after hurricane season is over, has a mild taste, and can also be used as animal feed and fertilizer.

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  • Smith now operates one of the largest seaweed hatcheries in the country. The Hour, July 15, Like America itself, baseball stands for a belief that because success is not easy, achieving success makes it something to be treasured all the more…. Courier Observer, July 12, A new study examines how salamanders will fare as climate change warms their mountain homes. The research shows salamanders are surprisingly able to change their physiology in response to the shifting temperature and humidity.

    Some salamanders are expected to fare better than others, based on their location and size. Lead Author Eric Riddell said a world without salamanders could be drastically different. In theory, fewer salamanders means more insects and more carbon release. Also posted in Washington Post, July 11, ScienceNews, July 10, When eggs go bad, bacteria usually get the blame.

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    But some bacteria help bobtail squid keep their eggs fresh. Nyholm and colleagues treated squid eggs with antibiotics to kill the bacteria. The eggs grew fuzzy with fungus, and the developing squid embryos soon died.

    2. The Meaning of Religious Beliefs

    Squid bacteria may one day be a source of new kinds of natural antibiotics or antifungal drugs, Nyholm says. Also covered in Newsweek, July 12, Worcester Business Journal, July 9, John C. Roche joined Hanover in as vice president of underwriting and product management for commercial lines, with previous stops at other insurers, including Travelers in Hartford.

    Advocate, July 3, Washington Post, July 3, Five years later, he was on trial for conspiracy and incitement to murder. Scott is angry both with Thorpe — the man who tried to have him killed — and with the whole British establishment, which sought to make men like him invisible. Arstechnica, June 18, One big reason for the gap is simple: time. Earth takes time to respond to changes in greenhouse gases. These slow responses are typically not included in climate models.

    The Atlantic, June 11, The cicadas cope with the help of domesticated bacteria, which live inside their cells. If it really was absent, some other microbe must have been supplementing the cicadas in its place. All became clear when he used a microscope to examine the organs in which cicadas house their microbes, where Matsuura saw the cells of a foreign fungus. These insects had clearly adopted some kind of fungus and turned it into an endosymbiont that replaced the missing bacterium.

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    Raw Story, June 12, Director and Associate Professor of Political Science Stephen Dyson discusses how high-level politicians often think that they are experts at reading and influencing other leaders. This summit process began with a snap decision by Trump to accept an offer to meet with Kim. Washington Post, June 11, Food requires huge amounts of energy to grow.

    It must be transported from farms in rail cars or semitrailer trucks. Then it is processed, packaged, stored, shelved, cooked and delivered — a complex industrial supply chain that generates an estimated 16 percent of U. But consumers can make small changes to bring that number down, said Rebecca Boehm , postdoctoral fellow at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity and lead author of the study.

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    Witi, On a personal note, when I graduated from UConn, I was one of only two women to receive a degree in physics. More than half of my current team is female, close to 60 percent. This number is a big difference from my experiences in school and labs. I am pleasantly surprised by the magnitude it has made in my work satisfaction and in my life. Science Daily, June 8, A new study that provides the latest, most comprehensive estimate of greenhouse gas emissions generated by U.

    Previous studies conducted in the U.

    Stanley Bronstein Interviews Laurie Endicott Thomas

    Also covered in Public News Service, July 23, Changes in diet have been proposed as a way to reduce carbon emissions from the food system. But there has been little research on the affordability and feasibility of low-carbon food choices in the U. The researchers utilized nationally representative data on food purchases. San Francisco Chronicle, June 7, Professor of Marine Sciences Ann Bucklin wrote an article for The Conversation about marine zooplankton, which are tiny animals roughly the size of insects that drift with ocean currents.

    Currently, key zooplankton species are shifting poleward in search of cooler waters in a warming ocean. This is causing major disturbances to ocean ecosystems. Deeper insights into zooplankton biodiversity will provide a foundation for future research, monitoring and management of the largest habitat on Earth — the open ocean. Washington Post, May 31, For March, Associate Professor of Political Science Jeremy Pressman and colleagues tallied 6, protests, demonstrations, strikes, marches, sit-ins, rallies and walkouts in the United States, with at least one in every state and the District.

    Their conservative guess is that between 2,, and 3,, people showed up at these political gatherings, although it is likely there were more participants. As a monthly count, this number of participants was only surpassed during the first month we started counting, January New York Times, May 28, The solemn ritual of a burial with military honors is repeated dozens of times a day at Arlington National Cemetery. Already the final resting place for more that , veterans and their relatives, the cemetery has been adding about 7, more each year.

    At that rate, the cemetery will be completely full in about 25 years. The Army wants to keep Arlington going for at least another years, so they must tighten the rules for who can be buried there. The modern concept of Arlington — an egalitarian Elysian field where generals and G. That, she said, is the Arlington cited by Khizr Khan, the father of an Army captain killed in Iraq and buried at the cemetery, when he urged Donald J.

    Trump to visit. Now, though, that all-inclusive idea is bumping up against the lack of space. New York Times, May 25, On Friday in St. Vice, May 29, A day later, North Korean officials released conciliatory statements, which Trump apparently found fairly pleasing. By Sunday, US diplomats were in North Korea, prepping once again for the summit, which may or may not be back on. Regional powers China, Japan, and South Korea all have their own diplomatic goals and leverage points with North Korea.

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    South Korea, for one, has been deeply invested in, and instrumental to, the Trump-Kim summit from day one. President Moon Jae-in came to power in part on a platform of diplomatic engagement with North Korea. Professor of History Alexis Dudden said that Moon sees regularizing relations with his neighbor as vital both to avoiding a violent disaster and for the future of the regional economy.

    On top of this, added Dudden, when Moon came to power many in DC read him as potentially anti-American and pro-North Korean because he is a progressive, and that wing of Korean politicians are sometimes pro-unification America skeptics. He allayed these fears early on, said Dudden, by affirming early on that he wants to work toward peace on the peninsula with the Americans and would not oppose their military presence.

    Post Bulletin, May 26, Toombs and her fellow activists have made calls and knocked doors for Democratic candidates running for special elections and helped win four of five legislative seats. They totaled 6, in alone, involving 6 million people or more, not just in liberal cities but in small towns in red states like Alaska, Michigan and, of course, Oklahoma. Eastern hemlock forests have been declining due to a non-native insect pest, the hemlock woolly adelgid.

    Philosophy of Religion

    A new study presents some of the best long-term data showing how the decline of a single tree species leads to the disappearance of birds specialized to those trees. A single insect species has led to a less diverse bird community across this landscape. Also covered in Science Daily, May 23, Popular Science, May 21, They fly in the dark to avoid as many predators as possible, and in doing so evade the humans trying to study them as well. When do birds decide to migrate? How dangerous is it? For a long time, ornithologists would have to go out to field stations, catching and tagging birds as they stopped.

    Research data on a single population took several years of trying to recapture tagged birds.

    This project, called ICARUS, will use new radio tag fences, artificial intelligence analysis of radar tracking, and the sharing of study data to help connect different scales of migration research into a single, cohesive picture. Science Trends, May 21, This bone growth, which is called heterotopic ossification bone forming in the wrong places, separate from the normal skeleton , can be triggered by minor bumps encountered in everyday living. University of Connecticut researchers were able to use genetic engineering to produce mice that carry the same mutation.

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    • Under normal physiological conditions, injured skeletal muscle has an enormous capacity to regenerate. While heterotopic ossification reaches its most extreme form in FOP, it can also result from certain types of soft tissue injuries and surgeries.