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Get it right four days out of five, and I think you're way ahead of the curve.

2 Go with your gut instincts

I'm skeptical of a lot of the talk about "grit" lately, because while resolution is a virtue, naked stubbornness is not. The same thing applies to vision.

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People need a compelling vision in order to be inspired and succeed, but it's rare that they respond well to an autocrat. Additionally, even if people respect roles and boundaries, truly great performers want to have impact, not just effect.

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This means trying others' ideas sometimes, even if you are convinced that yours are better. If Bezos can do it as a leader, you probably can too. They say a great leader will always seek to serve others first. That means looking after your own needs, and maybe even being selfish sometimes.

Example: I just took a day vacation. That meant my colleague Kunal had to work harder while I was gone.

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But after months of working plus hours a week, I needed this. Successful leaders are presented with all kinds of opportunities, and only the boldest and luckiest can identify the truly great ones. I think there are two great negatives in life that we all eventually learn, and that lead to calmer, happier lives. The first is that none of us will live forever, and the second is that all of us will miss out on great opportunities at some time.

They're negatives, at least at first blush, but once you come to deal with them, you recognize how much clearer your choices become. But on the other hand, you're working here, and now.

To break it down =

So even if you think you see clearly that the future will demand something very different, you don't always have the freedom to change. Man, that's existential-sounding. Nathaniel J.

Ashby , Emmanouil Konstantinidis , Eldad Yechiam. The role of working memory in information acquisition and decision making: lessons from the binary prediction task.

Tim Rakow , Ben R. Newell , Konstantina Zougkou. Self-reported strategies in decisions under risk: role of feedback, reasoning abilities, executive functions, short-term-memory, and working memory Johannes Schiebener , Matthias Brand.

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Playing Strategically against Nature? Hold it!

Understanding Repeated Simple Choices

The influence of lingering rewards on choice diversification and persistence. Toplak , Richard Feb. Evolutionary stability of discriminating social norms Katarzyna Abramczuk. Related Papers.