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The Real Story Of The Crazy Feud Between The Hatfields And The McCoys

He and his older sister Alifair were shot and killed. Their mother, Sarah, survived a brutal blow from the butt of a gun. Though it does not appear so in the miniseries, Calvin nearly got away. A fluke shot in the dark hit him in the back of the head from a long distance as he sought shelter in a corn crib. Devil Anse Rock. Crazy Jim held off the posse long enough for Cap to get away.

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After Crazy Jim was wounded by a rifle shot, Bad Frank charged and shot him at close range. Contrary to how the shootout was depicted in the miniseries, Cap did not fire a shot in the battle. He just ran.

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Water Rock. Devil Anse's son Cap stayed here after his jailbreak in Cap had killed three men in an election day shootout in Matewan. One fantastical newspaper report says he holed up at the Devil's Backbone and details an epic shootout with dynamite blasts that brought the pinnacle to the ground in a heap of rubble.

An albino, Cotton Top was said to be a halfwit and considered by many to be a sacrificial lamb. For the most part, Cotton Top's death brought an end to the feud. As in the miniseries, Cotton Top did cry out "the Hatfields made me do it" just before he was hung, but it was the screenwriters who added his plaintive "they hornswoggled me with love. Wall's Cabin. Wall's home was disassembled a few years ago, and now rests in Chief Logan State Park, where it is slated to be rebuilt and used as a museum.

Eph of All Hatfield Grave. Hatfield Cemetery. His wife, Vicey, lies next to him. They are surrounded by many of their children and other kin. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Hatfields & McCoys, Revisited: Part 3

Floyd Hatfield had possession of the pig, but Randolph McCoy said it was his. Staton was ultimately murdered, but no one was ever convicted of the crime. Sometime around , Roseanna moved to West Virginia to live with Johnse, but her family eventually persuaded her to return. Just as the lovebirds were about to reunite, however, the McCoys put together a posse and arrested Johnse Hatfield on bootlegging charges.

In true mountain fashion, Roseanna abandoned her family and made a midnight ride through the mountains and across the state line to alert Devil Anse that his son was about to be jailed. Devil Anse got the boys together, intercepted the posse and freed Johnse. Unfortunately, the now pregnant Roseanna was abandoned by her chosen swain in favor of a cousin.

It proved to be the single deadliest day of the feud.

10 Hidden Sites From the Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Six years of high tension ensued. Eventually eight members of the Hatfield clan were tried in Kentucky, with seven drawing life sentences and one the death penalty. Violence and trials continued through the 19th century.

We check out the killing Site of Asa Harmon McCoy *Hatfield & McCoys*

Johnse Hatfield was one of the last tried in Everyone has their own version of history. Although the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys was one of the bloodiest and longest in American history, it was certainly not the only one. Frequently, particularly in the mountain regions of the South, families found themselves in conflict.

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Honor, loyalty and politics, all drove peaceful families into all-out warfare. I find myself returning to another local history interview that I did back in the late s. An old man agreed to meet with me at the family homestead, built by his grandfather in first half of the 19th century.

As it happened, the leader of the guerilla band was a Hays, just like me. I noticed that the old fellow I was talking to seemed awfully hesitant to answer my questions. Finally, he looked around him and leaned in close. This is so sad. Especially the deaths of the children. The motives are interesting. Do you know what the death totals on each side were? Usually accounts grossly drive the death count up to over a hundred. In reality there was only about a dozen, thought that is a dozen too many.

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My 3X great grandfather was Randolph McCoy, the leader during the feud. He lost 5 children directly to the feud and 2 indirectly of broken hearts and remorse. He also nearly lost his wife in a brutal attack to which she never did completely recover from. She died about two years later. Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton are filming a 10 hour miniseries movie for the History Channel as I write this and it is scheduled to be released in Ed — Wow.

That was a dozen too many.