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Tokyo Fox. Afterwards he thinks to himself that he was glad he only had to hear it and not see otherwise he would have had to bleach his eyes. I have never laughed so hard while listening to a book.

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Don't know how he would be with another author's work but he reads his own flawlessly. I'm a fan! I was a little That seems to be kind of a theme with some of my favorite authors at the moment - going back to a time before the main character in a well established series has fully become the character that I as the reader have become attached to. It is an interesting idea, but one that I think has a lot of potential for disaster, so yeah I liked the fact that it was presented as the current incarnation of Rain sharing reflections on his past rather than actually lifting the reader out of the established time-line and completely relocating them into the past.

Some of the reflective asides made by Rain during the telling were quite amusing. Yeah, 20 years old.

Barry Eisler

I was hooked from that first book, and if I hadn't already been sold on the idea, with Graveyard of Memories I am absolutely sold on the idea of assassin as sympathetic protagonist. Not only did Graveyard of Memories serve to flesh out an established and already well-loved character, but it was a good story all on it's own.

I always enjoy the particular recipe that Barry Eisler has for blending the setting, the action, the characters and the intrigue. This book did not disappoint. The action sequences were exciting, the machinations of the antagonists convoluted, the romantic tension alluring, the cast of characters engaging and the journey from chapter one through the end of the book compelling. I am so glad that Barry Eisler has decided to narrate his own books. I have completely fallen in love with his voice.

After listening to Graveyard of Memories, I find myself wanting to go back and re-listen to the rest of the series again - only this time with the Barry Eisler narrations instead of the original studio hired narrations. He displays all of my favorite qualities of a narrator. He has good pacing, distinct voices, including accents, and is emotive without being over the top and obnoxious or dragging the listener from the story.

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  • If you are a fan of the series, this book will not disappoint. If you haven't yet tried the series you should start at book 1, but this isn't a terrible place to begin either. It would work as a stand alone story and would not ruin or spoil any of the previous books should you then decide to pursue them.


    Overall I definitely think that this book is and was well worth the credit. After the Vietnam war, Rain stays in Asia, living in Tokyo without belonging or meaning; but, for a 20 year-old lacking education, he lives comfortably.

    Not having yet developed his calculated constraint seen in previous books, Rain reacts rashly to three punks and accidentally kills a relative of a powerful clan. While in hiding, Rain becomes romantically involved with a Korean woman, whom he unwittingly places in danger. All of which are pluses for me. Eisler narrates this himself — and does so excellently. Overall, I highly recommend this series. The John Rain series books one through six were basically about a lone assassin.

    John Rain always used items that were available to the common man, like Google Maps and iPhones to get the job done. Then the book The Detachment came out and all of a sudden John Rain has access to all these cool communication gear and other awesome high tech toys. I felt like this was a sad departure from the Rain series, and was thrilled that the author returned to one of the main aspects of what in my humble opinion made the character John Rain great. All the other books John Rain is a cold calculating killer.

    He is the master chess player that can see ten moves ahead of everyone else. His use of well honed tactics and skills allows him to eliminate targets with the precision of a laser beam.

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    In this book Rain is young and not the calm and cool killer, but a bit of a hot head and very impetuous who relies on luck as much as sound tactics. But with each stroke of luck you see the clumsy killer begin to take the form of the smooth killer of the future. These things are part of what make the book so interesting to read.

    I am not really sure about the love story aspect of the story and what I think of it. Part of me understands and sees how it is an iatrical part of the book. But sometimes it seems like it lasts so long I had to check to see if my iPod had accidentally jumped over to 50 Shades of Grey. The plot twists are done masterfully and Mr.

    Eisler really did an amazing job with this story. As always I am looking forward to his next book….. This is the prequel to the other seven John Rain tales. This novel is similar in pace and tone to the earlier Rain novels, seems that Eisler reveals much of his own personal experience in this novel which made the story very realistic and intimate, and we thank the author for sharing of himself and for his hard work in both writing and narration and look forward to his future novels. He falls in love with a young paraplegic girl of Korean heritage.

    At 10 hours this audiobook is not excessively long, but only the last three hours are really interesting. The first 7 hours are boring. The story is told by John Rain first person speaking from the present about his past. This helps only in the last few minutes of the book as he summarizes the results of the Church Commission and tells of the future successes of the paraplegic girl.

    Eisler does his usual excellent job of narration. Just listened to this again and my previous review of this fantastic, engaging, top above the rest tale action packed adventure still stands: Wow! Where do I even start? Fantastically written. The Love Story: Sayaka is not model perfect, but is still beautiful to John. That's how a beautiful love story is written. And the development of that love was scary, fun, and sweet.

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    This story is how I had hoped Mitch Rapp's story of his beginnings would have been. The Overall Story: Just amazing! It felt as though I was sitting back listening to a friend tell me the story of his life. A wonderful work of art Mr. Would you listen to Graveyard of Memories again? Yes, the character development was terrific. Who was your favorite character and why? John Rain. Which character — as performed by Barry Eisler — was your favorite? The girl in the wheelchair. Empathetic and well performed.