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In , Roosevelt, who was a big game hunter, went on a hunting trip in Mississippi. But the president refused, saying it was unsportsmanlike. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: How Trumpy Bear has freaked out the internet after ad aired on Fox News e-mail More top stories.

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The hero does not know this when he visits Kelhims cave, and is attacked by him immediately. Kelhim is eventually killed by an android , but soon returns to the one he was before. In Monster Hunter Vendetta , the MHI compound is attacked by an army of zombie animals, including at least one zombie bear that Owen and Agent Franks have to kill at close range. It leads to one of the most tense action sequences in the first book. The book and film of Old Yeller has the title dog saving his humans from an angry mother bear after the youngest kid tried befriending a bear cub.

Played with by Paddington Bear , who is on the whole a very polite, friendly, courteous and helpful sort of bear. However, having recently made his way to London from Darkest Peru, his lack of understanding of both human and English cultural mores can result in him causing plenty of trouble for the people around him unintentionally.

Downplayed, since Paddington is not a vicious bear and so the trouble he causes tends to be more along the lines of "social faux pas and clumsiness-induced inconvenience".

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Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero's Daughter trilogy, Logistilla's bear is her guard, and it menaces some of her family on occasion. Averted in Remote Man. The situation gets worse because of the smugglers who target the bears, not the bears themselves.

Subverted in that the titular reverend adopts a bear cub, then a complicated series of events leads to him taking a grand tour or Eastern Europe all the way down to the Black Sea, training the bear to be an excellent manservant unpacking suitcases, ironing and folding clothes, helping him during the sermons and running a bar with unrivalled efficiency. Played straight in that the bear's name is Beelzebub, and if you should threaten his master, he is still very much an adult male brown bear. A set of 3 novellas by Gordon R.

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Dickson was collected into The Right to Arm Bears. The Dilbians, bear-like natives of the planet Dilbia, have The Plan as their hat. In Clive Barker 's Sacrament , the main character is mauled by a bear and ends up in a coma. Zigzagged in Seeker Bears , where the main bears are good, and most of the bears they meet along are okay talking with them. The only cases where this is played straight are Shoteka , Salik , Nanulak , Chogan , and rogue bears.

Richard Adams' Shardik , as referenced in the Stephen King entry above, features a bear which is believed to personify the power of God. Whether or not this is true, the bear only ever seems to maul the bad guys. Snuffles , a novella by R. Lafferty initially subverts this. Snuffles is an somewhat intelligent alien creature that resembles a bear and is very friendly until the second chapter where it's played straight, then taken Up to Eleven. Cue pants pissing. Also the famous scene in which Brienne the Beauty is dropped into a pit with a bear that's angry, starved, and has been trained to kill and devour men.

Her only weapons? A blunted sword and a lacy pink dress. She holds her own until The Cavalry arrives. In A Clash of Kings , the loathsome Amory Lorch is thrown unarmed and naked into the aforementioned bear pit. He dies horribly. The bear is also the totem for the Northern House Mormont.. They're also one of the two houses that still openly swear fealty to the King in the North the other, House Reed, has a "lizard-lion" as their official animal.

House Mormont's women are also warriors because they had to protect their children and lands from raiders while the men where elsewhere — it is, in fact, a point of family pride that if you even think of harming their holdings or the kiddies, Mormont lasses will quite professionally go all Mama Bear on you. Many are even rumoured to have slept with bears which handily dodges questions about paternity. Although they don't have flamethrowers, bears in the Spellsinger series are among the most physically-formidable of all Warmlanders. Several of the bad guys use bears as Mooks, or recruit a bear as The Dragon.

Grok from Star Risk, Ltd. And he's not above using the resemblance to his advantage. Survivor Dogs : Bears are called "giantfurs". They're scary enough to make Alpha terrified. According to him, even wolves fear bears. Subverted with the first bear depicted. A black bear appears when Daisy and the Fierce Dog pups are on a test in the mountains. It's large and frightening, but it isn't remotely interested in the dogs. It's looking for honey in a nearby tree. Everything goes south when Grunt tries to attack the bear, causing it to get angry. In Three Dark Crowns Arsinoe tries to get a bear familiar with low magic.

The first one is some kind of undead abomination that nearly kills her. The second one is controlled by her The Beast Master foster sister and best friend Jules.

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Jules loses control of the bear right smack in the middle of a celebration, causing several deaths and nearly killing one of Arsinoe's sisters, Mirabella. In The Traitor Son Cycle , one of the species of Wild creatures the local Fair Folk are golden bears, which are giant, intelligent, capable of speech and absolutely capable of wielding weapons.

In the first book, when a golden bear breaks out of captivity with her young, she slaughters an entire village that trapped her and proceeds to utterly destroy everyone chasing after her until she dies of the accumulated wounds.


Inverted in book three, when John Crayford and his company are rescued from certain death by a pack of golden bears. Rudyard Kipling has a poem "The Truce of the Bear" in which a blind Indian beggar explains to hunters why they should not pay attention when they have a bear cornered and it stands on its hind legs and seems to beg for mercy. The flesh of his face is withered "like slag in the furnace" because of a blow from "Adam-zad, the Bear that walks like a Man".

There's also a couple of lines from another famous poem of his: But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail For the female of the species is More Deadly Than the Male. Ijada: I was imagining the most bizarre things befalling you.

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Ingrey: Did they include a six-hundred-pound ice bear and a pirate poet? Ijada: No Ingrey: Then they weren't the most bizarre after all. Live-Action TV. Played mildly for laughs in a Season 1 episode of Agents of S. One All That skit had the crew smothering an unlucky Butt-Monkey reporter freezing in the tundra with honey to attract a nearby polar bear. The Angel episode " Soul Purpose " is largely a series of nightmares experienced by Angel, who's being fed upon by a parasite. This includes a Squick-filled dissection scene involving, amongst other things, a completely random bear.

On Boy Meets World , as part of an Escalating War , one group of the main characters superglue the other main characters to their classroom seats, dowse them in honey and set a bear loose in the classroom. Given that the source of the bear is never explained, nor do they get in trouble for it, this one goes directly under Rule of Funny.

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Then there's of course the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode " Pangs ". An angry Native American spirit is locked in combat against Buffy, upon which he transforms into a large grizzly. Spike promptly blames Buffy and starts freaking out. Stephen Colbert is famous for his fear and hatred of bears or "godless killing machines" one once killed everything he loved , so naturally the featured film clip for his interview with The National Parks director Ken Burns features a river filled with almost a dozen grizzlies.

Colbert: That is the scariest film I've ever seen. Ivan Avi: I was born into an evil world. Skies choked with ammonia, seas full of benzine, baby farms! Random suffocations T'Pol: You have Porthos. Archer: Porthos doesn't try to eat me when I'm late with his dinner. T'Pol: Vulcan children are never late with their seh'lat s' dinner. Archer: I can believe that. If you wanted to release an album named "No Fear Restriction", what you'd put on the cover to match?

The back of the album cover of Jethro Tull 's Stormwatch has a foot tall polar bear stomping on an oil refinery station. Though Celtic lore does mention the bear as the king of the animals a distinction kept until the popularity of the lion as a symbol for Jesus.

The Inuit and other Arctic peoples had mixed opinions about polar bears. On one hand, they are the biggest living terrestrial carnivore, so they were obviously feared. On the other, their mythologies usually held the polar bear with a lot of respect, as a sacred shamanic symbol. Davy Crockett.

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King of the wild frontier. Killed him a bear when he was only three. Averted by many Native American legends.