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A full suite of tools and reporting will be made available for website owners to control and customize the supply of advertising from their websites. Emphasis will be on delivering useful insights and report to enable webmasters to maximise revenues. Geo and device reports for example can highlight which pockets of traffic are most profitable. The page will be installed by including a javascript snippet on any web page which will load the direct buy applet.

This allows website owners greater control over the sale of advertising on their websites but also gives exposure of the ad-exchange to new media buyers and provides a organic source of growth for the project. Advertisers are the missing link to the JSE ecosystem. The idea advertiser would be a big brand advertiser who has a large budget to increase awareness of their brand s. A self-serve platform will allow advertisers to setup campaigns, set budgets, monitor performance and optimize their campaigns.

It allows large ad exchanges to buy and sell each others inventory and reach the maximum number of advertisers to gain the best price for an ad impression. We will use the common prebid. This will then be compared to bids on the self-serve platform with the winning bidder receiving the ad placement. We will need to record more data than ever before to provide accurate and effective tracking for advertisers and publishers. The current network volume of 10m hits a day could see a 10x increase post-ICO as we expand our reach. This means we need to plan to store, analyse and correlate at least m data points a day and ideally be able to scale up from there.

1. Am I buying what I think I’m buying?

It is unsustainable to store this data permanently or to keep more than a few hours of data in RAM. Therefore we propose the creation of a custom stats aggregation program. Data will be processed in real time to create the reporting functions that advertisers and publishers need. Will be used to combat fraud and throttle poor quality placements.

2. Am I spending the right amount on a given tactic or channel?

The network is going to get hit by publishers sending fake traffic. Advertisers trying to launch malware attacks and affiliates with aggressive creatives.

The system will leverage our existing fraud checks as well as a range of automated and semi-automated in house solutions. When working with large exchanges we can rely on their existing malware controls. Ad exchanges will have existing controls in place but independant advertisers will require manual checks.

metrics | Google Ads API Beta | Google Developers

Ads should be approved manually within 24 hours of submission. Trust is essential and will be proportional to our operating transparency.

We take pride in operating an open ethical business. The page above also contains an opt-out link to turn off browser based JSE cryptocurrency mining across the entire network.

Here are the 10 most important digital marketing terms to know in 2018:

Ad-Tech Development Initial Advertising Placement Specs Advertising placements need to be universally deployed across the entire range of websites to display correctly with minimal disruption to user experience on all devices. Dave Zinman also officially announced his new role as CEO. NetJets announced the launch of a new, innovative NetJets.

Network A , the action sports channel on YouTube, announced an expanded programming slate including more lifestyle series in partnership with noted action sports athletes. Precision Health Media announced positive results and early success for ConditionMatch, its proprietary page-level targeting technology that aligns healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers with the most relevant content across the web.

Sprinklr announced the addition of Frontier Airlines to its client roster. Streamworks International named Bernard Gershon as an advisor. Xaxis announced the latest move in its aggressive global expansion plan with the launch of operations in China.

Increase Impressions in Amazon Advertising Campaigns

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